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My Verizon Phone Broke!

Cell phones are broken, lost or stolen all the time. Whether or not you have insurance, here's what you can do.

Verizon Broken Phone: What Does Verizon Cover?

Dealing with a Verizon broken phone can be challenging if you aren’t sure what kind of coverage you have. This article will tell you how to deal with a Verizon broken phone and what Verizon insurance covers.

Smashed Screen, Wet Phone, Broken Phone: What does Verizon have to say?

If you’re reading this article, chances are you’re dealing with a broken phone. Whether you dropped it in the toilet or your child smashed it against the floor, you’re not alone. According to DUK gear, around 45% of Americans damage their phone every year.

Before going into panic mode, take a look to see if you have insurance with Verizon. If you don’t have insurance, Verizon will not cover or take any responsibility for your broken phone.

Insurance Plans

Do you have a Verizon insurance policy? What about AppleCare or a similar repair service through your phone’s manufactuer? Does your case come with insurance? Do one of your personal insurance policies cover you for damage? You may end up being covered from a variety of sources to fix your damages or replace your broken phone. Have a closer look at your insurance plan and then make an appointment to get your phone fixed.

Verizon’s Device Protection

Verizon has 7 insurance protection plans that offer a variety of coverages. Each plan has a different cost per month with some as little as $5/month and others as high as $50/month. A majority of these plans will cover damage (including water damage). If you have the standard Extended Warranty coverage, then your damaged phone will not be covered.

Don’t have insurance? You do still have other options to get your phone fixed or find a replacement which we talk about below. The other big problem, though, is per Verizon’s Risk of Loss Policy, you will be responsible for paying off the full balance of your broken Verizon phone if you bought it on a payment plan. In all likelihood, you will be forced to make that payoff immediately (on the next billing cycle) and lose out on any remaining promotional credits you may have been receiving if you bought the phone during a deal.

That’s certainly not ideal but here are a few more options to consider to try to get back up and running again.

Water Damage

If your broken phone is suffering from water damage, check to see if the liquid damage indicator is on. Apple uses a white field to show that a device has had no liquid contact. When the indicator comes in contact with liquid, the white field turns red. This liquid damage indicator is usually in the phone’s SIM tray slot. With water damage, sometimes letting the phone dry (in a bag of rice) for 24-48 hours might just do the trick.

Screen Repair

If you have a cracked phone, it’s pretty easy to find a local or online shop that will fix the phone for you. However, be careful before going to unauthorized phone technicians. They can negatively affect the phone and its warranty.

Use Another Device

Don’t want to rely on unauthorized repairs to fix your phone? Is the rice in the bag trick not drying out your Verizon broken phone’s water damage? The following tips can help depending on how much you have left to pay on your current installment plan:

  1. Buy a Certified, Pre-Owned Replacement Phone: Without insurance, your next best bet is to buy a pre-owned Verizon phone. Get in touch with your local Verizon store or check online to see Verizon Pre-Owned Cell Phones to see what options are available.
  2. Activate An Old Phone: If you happen to have an older phone lying around, then you can purchase a new plan and activate that device right away (likely with a relatively small activation fee)!

With the high number of damaged phones every year, having a backup plan is important. There are plenty of reliable options to solve for your Verizon broken phone such as keeping your old phones to use as replacements. Make sure to learn what your Verizon insurance covers ahead of time so you can avoid any future issues.

We have also broken our phones, too many times to count. At SimpleTerms, we know that no one has the time or the patience to fully read and understand all the fine print in a cell phone contract. Through a set of easy, quick to read summaries, we want to help anyone understand and take action on the key aspects of a contract that matter most – including what to do when your phone breaks!

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